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Ryan Eagles Biography


Ryan Eagle transitioned into private equity in late 2013 by launching XCell Fund.

Ryan Eagle is the principal investor of all transactions on behalf the company. XCell Fund provides debt restructuring and financing to corporations in exchange for convertible debt or equity.

    XCell Fund

    XCell Fund focuses its financing division on public companies listed on American, Canadian, and German exchanges with a market cap less of than 300mm.

    XCell Fund is heavily vested into artificial intelligence, machine learning, mining, fintech, internet advertising, and SaaS technologies. Ryan Eagle both administers executive decisions on all financing arrangements and manages the sales team that works to develop and grow relationships.

    Ryan Eagle has years of experience leveraging complex financial instruments to restructure debt that companies have taken on. Through XCell Fund, Ryan Eagle negotiates, refinances, and buys toxic debt in a way that allows the company, retail investors, and institutional investors to succeed. In 2016, this division of XCell Fund was the fastest growing because it's beneficial to every party involved.

    Beyond financing, XCell Fund shares resources including marketing strategy, operations, technology development, and branding to ensure that capital investments succeed. Ryan Eagle's strategy with the majority of his financial investments is to pair it with a paired effort that can help fortify the company and make the funds invested reach higher potential. These resources are entirely internalized by Sidago Integrated Solutions, a business process offshoring company.

    Sidago Integrated Solutions was founded in 2013 parallel to XCell Fund as a way to centralize all operational and marketing resources. By organizing employees under one umbrella, Ryan can quickly deploy operations to businesses in various sectors and ensure that investments are successful. Ryan Eagle is the President of Sidago and oversees workflow processes, manages clients, and directs R&D projects. Sidago provides business process outsourcing (BPO) to medium and large companies.

    In the private sector, Ryan Eagle owns businesses in the following industries: professional services, advertising technologies, local businesses, legal and direct response offers. These companies are created to generate cashflow. Companies generating revenues exceeding 10mm annually are slated to go public in 2021 as the marketplace allows more agility with raising money and exiting from positions. Annually, Ryan Eagle takes on two private businesses to build, grow and act as an advisor.


      In addition to staff augmentation, Sidago can review current workflow processes in businesses and transfer operations offshore.

      Through Ryan Eagle's leadership, the salary and benefit cost savings are astronomical for businesses with cost savings exceeding 50% while increasing output. Ryan Eagle only takes on clients based on referrals to make sure that his time is spent with businesses that truly want to succeed.

        In 2021,

        ECC Investments was relaunched with an emphasis on taking private businesses public by providing the entire array of financing, legal resources, marketing arrangements, institutional capital raising and investor relations.

        Ryan Eagle's role is to both coordinate resources and to strategically position businesses in a way that will build successful markets for private clients. Several private entities owned by XCell Fund were the first businesses to pioneer this process and are slated for direct public offerings in late 2021. ECC Investments is actively seeking private businesses with annual revenues exceeding 10mm to take into the public market.