XCell Fund

corporate overview

 Corporate Overview

Cell Fund is a holding company as well as an angel investment company which works with new entrepreneurs. I began the company to oversee all other companies that I own. Employee functions, hiring, business updates are just some of the things that xCell Fund is in charge of. I have about 6 public companies and another 5 private investments that are all under xCell fund. I began investing in some of the businesses from 2010. Mostly focusing on Internet related businesses but since last year I also decided to incorporate tangible businesses one being Response Commodities. Diversification has always been the key that keeps me afloat. I venture into countless businesses and my main goal is to see them succeed.As an Angel investment company, xCell Fund seeks to invest in creative people with great ideas. We will invest in great startups, basically any business venture that has great potential for growth and will generate profits. I am interested in internet related as well as tangible business. I want to target high energy, driven founders who are ready to put their best to build a successful venture. I will am looking to partner with investors and bring my own team to work on the venture.

I have designers, developers, marketing knowledge, experience, content and basically anything that a new venture will need to succeed. I will invest in ventures that create great value for the customers. Apart from xCell Fund investing on various angel projects we also provide a platform when investors can also find investment opportunities that will generate great profits for them. With my own experience of running various companies I will ensure that all potential ventures are rigorously accessed before choosing to invest. I hope to see xCell fund grow exponentially in months to come.